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Sunshine Beach Park, Yumihama, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture,

with easy access and relaxing time


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Park Yoga / MEGA SUP / Food / Gig 


We will hold a cross yoga & relaxing 1 DAY event that will make it easy for everyone to enjoy everything!


Popular Instructor Dream Team

Gathered in Lake Biwa!

There is no such a chance!


Hammock Yoga, One Coin SUP Cruise, Each Brand's Fun Product Sales and PR Booth!

A lot of delicious and lovely food and drink booths also appear!


And a sunset gig is also held!


Of course this is an event that many non-Yoga people can enjoy too!

And We have interpreters who can speak English and French!


This day is a admission free !!


Let's all gather here!



Enjoy all BIWAKO!




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Sunshine Beach MAP

みんなに味わって欲しい!SUP Yoga

Fun Instructor Dream Team SUP Yoga Lesson Program.

The program time is about 40 minutes each time.


Our SUP Yoga looks beautiful and this is relatively easy for beginners to enjoy.


It is very very nice when you used for SNS!

We hold a lot of fascinating park yoga such as lunch yoga, relaxing yoga, hammock yoga to enjoy in the best location.


Each program time is scheduled for about 30-45 minutes each time.


Moreover, we will lend you a very popular SPOUT brand cute design yoga mat for free!


  We also plan many free programs such as boogie woogie yoga and 100 sunset yoga events at the end of the event.

We plan to have a one coin SUP experience where you can enjoy each brand SUP board with one coin.


You can enjoy the SUP experience at Lake Biwa for about 30 minutes.


Please try board of various brands and taste the unique charm of SUP.


MEGA SUP CAFE which paddles with team crew and enjoys one drink on the lake comes up this year!

A variety of brand PR and product sales booths line up.

There will be an event booth where customers visiting here can enjoy shopping and lots of experiences.


  There will be a limited item booth for popular yoga brands that can be used immediately, and an accessory booth for popular artists.


And more...!!

In order to enjoy the event slowly throughout the day, a food and drink booth full of charm and individuality is also planned to open.


  We will open many food booths that satisfy our customers' stomach bags, such as popular Huli-huli chicken famous shops, food booths with organic themes, booths that develop local production for local consumption food representative of Lake Biwa, and center cafes!

Inside Sunshine Beach, there is a facility called “Running Station” (changing clothes facility).


The facilities include a rest area, coin lockers and hot water showers.


Please use all means.


There are restrooms and water supplies everywhere, so please enjoy the event with confidence.

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日本SUPヨガ協会 / 滋賀県産業支援プラザ / 大津商工会議所 / びわこビジターズビューロー